How To Pick A Better Steak

Yesterday I attended our county Ag Day for 4th graders.  My colleague and I set up a board about beef and talked about breeds, cuts and grading to 700 students.  Needless to say, … Continue reading

Don’t Expect A Farmer To Tell You How Good Things Are

The grass is so green and lush right now.  The days are approaching ninety degrees already in north Georgia and the grass has absolutely taken off.  It was such a mild winter that… Continue reading

I Was A Teenage Vegan

It was my senior year in high school and I vividly recall pulling my bagged lunch out onto the cafeteria table I shared with seven of my classmates.  Patrick noticed it first.  I had… Continue reading

Litter, Manure, and Diapers

One day I was out at the farm cleaning a stall where I had been keeping a bottle calf.  In the chicken houses about 50 feet away, my husband and his father were using… Continue reading

Ooh, Chicken Biscuit

I left work at lunch time today and they asked where I was going.  Who would have thought Bojangles would be considered such a sin?  I was treated like a leper and shot… Continue reading

Turn the Spoon Outward

I want to share a little anecdote that Matt Lohr, Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, told during a talk he presented in February in Grand Rapids.  I’m sure that my retelling… Continue reading

When a Body Breaks…

Our best working border collie, “Tex” cut his foot severely about 2 weeks ago.  He managed to stick his paw through his pen (we are guessing) and peel the skin off so badly… Continue reading

Differences Between Georgia and Texas

In Georgia, wearing cowboy boots and a belt buckle is not widely accepted.  In Texas, wearing cowboy boots and a belt buckle is expected. In Georgia, if you grow crops or raise livestock… Continue reading

Adairsville couple serving on state Young Farmer Committee

Floyd County Farm Bureau member Joe Rush and his wife, Leigh Rush, of Adairsville, are serving on the Georgia Farm Bureau Young Farmer Committee. The Rushes and other farmers on the committee fro…… Continue reading


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