This blog is about striving for truth and cooperation in agriculture.

After getting a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics, Leigh Rush worked in the private sector and spent time in a government job before she and her husband decided to make the move back to his family’s farm in 2008.  They arrived on the homestead with entrepreneurial spirit and dreams of working and rearing their family on the farm.  After assessing finances and getting quotes on health insurance, they quickly realized that Leigh had to go and get a job in town.  Since March of 2009 she has been drawing a salary and getting family health insurance from off the farm.  While her heart is definitely with the farm everyday, she enjoys her “city job” and has been learning and growing personally from it.  Leigh and their 20 month old daughter get to the farm in the late afternoon to do chores each day.  It is not much but to be able to contribute a little bit, to invest a few moments at a time in the future of that operation, means so much to Leigh and she believes the baby loves it already as well.  When chores are through and it is time to head home with their backs to the setting sun, they pause to remember not to rush off the farm but to take a moment to look across the pastures, breathe the air in deeply, listen to the cattle lowing contentedly and truly appreciate the  chance to be a part of it.