Update on Texas

In my post When A Body Breaks, I wrote about our best working border collie, Texas.  He injured his front leg severely in a kennel accident, peeling back the skin to reveal bone.  The vets that worked on him did an amazing job.  He had to have his paw stitched up and the exposed bone was kept wrapped for about 8 weeks.  They took photographs along the way of his healing process and sent them to my husband.  I have debated posting the first picture because it is very graphic.  I don’t think I will put it up at this time.  Instead, I will post the shot of his leg the day the veterinarian cleared him to go without being wrapped.

He is back at the farm and helping Pop with chores.  He hasn’t worked cattle again because we’ll have to get him back in shape and watch him closely to see how everything continues to heal.  The folks at the vet clinic did an amazing job and I cannot thank them enough for getting our Texas back together.  At one point early on they were afraid he would lose his leg but they upped his antibiotics and worked hard at it; we sent up a lot of prayers and the leg got better!  It was great working with these vets because they loved Tex and treated him great every time he had to visit.  (Even if he was just a flea bag, scruffy farm dog.)  He started out reporting to the clinic everyday, then every other day, then every three days until they could let him go without being wrapped.  They bragged about his manners and sweetness.  Texas never complained or put up a fuss.  He would lay there and let them treat and rewrap his foot like he was getting a pedicure–no worries.  So many, many thanks to the the veterinarians that did such a great job! 

Looking to the future we are excited about Tex’s recent breeding to a great female border collie.  Puppies are due mid-July.  I found this puppy photo online because I didn’t have any of our Texas’s puppy pics.  He was the most adorable baby ever (a lot like this little guy)!