A Real Cowgirl…

At some point in my life I decided that I wanted to be a cowboy.  And I meant a cowboy.  You see, I admire and respect the true cowboy persona.  He is strong yet sensitive–he’s all heart.  He is ruggedly handsome and patient and kind.  He rides a horse to work and works hard everyday.  I had a different perception of the cowgirl.   I didn’t really have a lot of cowgirl icons that I looked up to.  I thought hanging around the guys would teach me how to become a version of a cowboy.  But at some point I realized that I was always going to be a girl and therefore it would be pretty difficult to become said cowboy.  Over the past couple of years I have begun to accept and define my cowgirl personality.  It’s not that I have been actively seeking to become a cowgirl, it’s that I have found her inside of me and I am not scared to let her be.  After all, a real cowgirl ain’t scared to face reality.   

My developing definition of a real cowgirl:

A real cowgirl puts on her make-up before she heads out to work cattle.

A real cowgirl jumps off her horse to change a diaper before riding out to round up the stragglers.

A real cowgirl swims in the creek with her clothes and boots on.

A real cowgirl needs her hat to ride her horse.

Baby Girl–The Toughest Cowgirl I Know

A real cowgirl works beside her husband for eight hours and then goes home and cleans the house.

A real cowgirl starts at 4:30 in the morning.

A real cowgirl eats as much as she knows she needs and enjoys her food too.

A real cowgirl can talk politics and cow manure in the same conversation (not that there’s much difference).

A real cowgirl loves her man more than anything but still won’t put up with any heck off of him.

My Handsome Man

A real cowgirl feels calmer on a horse than anywhere else in the world.

A real cowgirl will give you her opinion when you ask her and sometimes when you don’t.

A real cowgirl is exactly who she wants to be and doesn’t worry what other people think of her.

A real cowgirl recognizes heart and goodness in people and applauds it.

A real cowgirl will wear a dress–if she has to.

Real Cowgirl Friend Jen

A real cowgirl would rather wear boots and spurs then any other kind of shoes.

A real cowgirl can drive a straight shift like she stole it.

A real cowgirl wears her heart on her sleeve and knows how to defend it with a sharp right hook.

This an ever-evolving definition of a genuine cowgirl–the kind I look up to and hope to be everyday.  I’m sure there is a lot more to defining the character of the cowgirl.  Are there cowgirl ideals that you try to live up to?  Do you have great cowgirl role models that help you to be a better person?  Let me know if you’ve got some more suggestions for the definition of a real cowgirl.