Signs Your Husband Is A Farmer…Or Cheating?

Recently I was scanning through radio stations when I heard a hook line about signs that your husband was cheating.  I decided to tune in since I was pretty bored with the same old songs on the radio.  Besides, I figured it would be good for a laugh and a little reassurance that my husband is not cheating–since I have complete faith that he is faithful.  The first sign to look for that might indicate your husband is cheating was that he has been working late or having to attend emergency meetings that have not been usual in the past.  I chuckled to myself on that one.  You see, my husband has been working late almost everyday for the past week.  But I would never assume he is cheating on me. 

Nope, it’s hay season.  That means he is mowing hay, tedding hay, raking hay, baling hay AND he is into making haylage this year as well.  So he is also mowing, raking, baling and wrapping haylage.  One night he did not get home until after 11:00 PM.  I was a little incredulous about that time seeing as how dark is usually the limiting factor to length of the workday on the farm.  When I asked how he was still working when he called to check in at 9:30 PM, he said they had all the tractor lights on and were working with the haylage wrapper.  As far as the emergency meetings go, there are always “emergencies” and/or “urgencies” when it comes to farming.  So I can’t really use that one as a gauge for cheating.

The next sign listed was that you find strands of hair on their clothing that is not yours.  My hair is brunette.  I have found medium length coarse black hair in his clothing and truck before.  Well, we raise black cows with medium length coarse black tail hair.  So unless his girlfriend has shortish black hair, I don’t think that’s a sign I can count on. 

The sign they mentioned next was lack of energy and lack of interest in intimacy.  Hmm, if I worked from daylight to 11:00 PM, maybe I would have a lack of energy too.  Actually, come to think of it, I work from 8 to 5 and I am pretty lacking in energy myself  a lot of the time.

The last sign that could mean your husband is cheating was that he receives frequent calls and takes them out of your earshot to answer them.  I am grateful that he takes his calls away from me.  He can get on the phone and talk for an hour straight to his friends or colleagues about what has been going on with haylage or chicken litter or what the plans are for tomorrow or the coming week.  And by the time I get home, get the baby in bed, my house chores done and ready for my chill time, I really don’t want to listen to him talk on the phone while I am trying to watch just one (or part of one) TV show before bed.

So I learned a few things from the radio bit I heard on how to tell if your husband is cheating:  1) If mine is cheating, he’s really bad at hiding it–he has all the signs!; 2) It takes a special kind of woman to be a farm wife–she has to love her husband unconditionally and have complete faith in God and their fidelity (along with being able to enjoy some time away from her husband); 3) If you listen to the radio, watch TV or surf the internet, be sure to keep your truth and perspective filter handy–there is a lot of misleading and false information out there; and 4) Don’t forget that hay season trumps all–one true sign he’s a farmer is when it is time to cut hay, that is what he’s doing.