Ooh, Chicken Biscuit

I left work at lunch time today and they asked where I was going.  Who would have thought Bojangles would be considered such a sin?  I was treated like a leper and shot disgusted looks.  See, everyone in my office is on a diet.  I have never been “on a diet.”  I almost always try to make healthy food choices but I don’t make unrealistic weight goals or tell myself that I must deprive myself of any type of food.  Now here’s the kicker to the treatment I received:  my intentions all along were to get a grilled chicken salad at Bojangles.  Joke’s on them.

I like to support Bojangles for several reasons.  For one, the chicken we raise is sold to fast food chains and Bojangles is one of them.  Another reason is that if I am in the mood for fried food (which actually rarely happens), they make the best Cajun seasoned fries ever.  And their Cajun chicken tenders are pretty good too.  A third reason is the chicken filet biscuit tradition that my husband and father-in-law have.  I first learned about this after helping put chicks out in the houses for the first time.  Almost always, either after putting out chicks or in between trucks bringing them, someone is sent into town to get chicken filet biscuits for everyone working.  After hard (usually very early morning) work, there is nothing better than that Cajun spiced chicken and a buttery biscuit.  Also worth noting is that the filet biscuit may be even better cold than it is hot.  Wonder how that works…

So those are the various reasons that I will hit the drive-thru at the local Bojangles.  I guess I also like that they aren’t usually as crowded at lunch as many of the other fast food chains.  Their salads are quite good.  Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded cheese and grilled (or fried chicken).  Give it a try sometime if you are trying to eat healthy and aren’t mortified at the thought of eating at a fried chicken chain.  Ha!