Differences Between Georgia and Texas

In Georgia, wearing cowboy boots and a belt buckle is not widely accepted.  In Texas, wearing cowboy boots and a belt buckle is expected.

In Georgia, if you grow crops or raise livestock you are a farmer.  In Texas, farmers grow crops and chickens, ranchers raise livestock.

In Georgia, people give you a hard time about driving a truck because it is not fuel efficient.  In Texas, people give you a hard time when your truck is too small and electric or hybrid cars are sacrilege.

In Georgia, BBQ is shredded pork with vinegar sauce.  In Texas, BBQ is beef brisket!

In Georgia, “horse people” are considered crazies with a silly hobby.  In Texas, people that have horses are considered cowboys (unless of course they wear those helmets and jump things).

In Georgia, SEC football is a religion and every team has a saying, “Goooo, dawgs!  Sic ’em!”  In Texas, high school and college football are a religion and every college team has a handsign, “Hook ‘Em Horns!”

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In Georgia, when you order an ice water from Dairy Queen, you get a 6 oz clear cup full.  In Texas, when you order an ice water from Dairy Queen, you get a 44 oz styrofoam cup full.

When you tell a Georgian you are moving to Texas, they say, “those Texans are so full of themselves.”  When you tell Texans you’re from Georgia, they just look at you like they are wondering where that is.

Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi.  Texas is the second largest state in the U.S.

The largest county in Georgia is 903 square miles.  The largest county in Texas is 6,208 square miles.

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Georgia collects state income tax.  Texas does not collect state income tax.

Coca-Cola is from Atlanta, Georgia.  Dr. Pepper is from Waco, Texas.

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In Georgia, people ask you questions like, “Can I come pet a cow?”  In Texas, people ask you questions like, “Do you want filet or ribeye tonight?”


There are 1.3 million cattle in Georgia.  There are 16 million cattle in Texas.

In Georgia, kids play soccer, t-ball & basketball when they’re 4; boys play football and girls cheer by 8.  In Texas, kids start riding sheep at 4 years old, steers by 8, junior bulls by 12 and bulls by their teens.

In Georgia, we keep our cowboy hats tucked away for special occasions and our rifles in the closet.  In Texas, we wear our cowboy hats every day and keep our rifles in truck gun racks and pistols under the seat.